Fox In The Garden

Whilst living/working in the UK, over a period of some eighteen years, I’d heard vixens calling at night during the mating season. Despite going on walks, I’d never actually seen one. On occasion, during phone conversations, Mum had said that she’d seen foxes in the garden in Dublin. Over the past three years, having come back to Ireland, I’d also heard a vixen calling – but, again, had never seen one.

Following the recent programme on Channel 4, Foxes Live: Wild in the City, however, I was fortunate enough to spot a fox in our own garden in Dublin. It came for a few weeks in April, and slept in the sun, but since then has not returned – probably due to  the inclement weather!

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The above photos were taken on the 9th April, around five-fifteen on a sunny evening.

I do have a short video – but as it costs to post it…!

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